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75% of organisations say it's a headache to get different teams to work well together

61% of COOs say that silos and bottlenecks are the #1 blocker for reaching strategic goals.

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We aggregate feedback between teams to build a picture of what is and isn't working

Our AI platform learns about your organisational network and identifies key areas of improvement.

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Simple, personalised feedback to help leaders know exactly how to improve

For Leaders

Measure how your teams work together with a benchmarked NCS (Net Collaboration Score) for every team.

For Managers

Set clear team objectives and measure how people can improve performance and develop careers.

For Individuals

Private, personalised Impact Report giving you insight and recommendations for your collaboration skills and career development.

A few teams we have helped

“Cophi has a deep understanding of how people behave and relate. Their approach brings new insight to how we build stronger, better connected teams and develop new opportunities to learn from each other.”

Product Management Lead

“Cophi has turned engagement and relationships into something tangible we can track and improve. Most people consider values and interpersonal relations the ‘soft’ side of a business. For us, they’re crucial objectives because they’re central to whether people enjoy their work, get fulfilment from it and perform better. And ultimately, that’s what makes us a better company and a better place to work.”

Karo Pharma

“Cophi allowed us to resolve long-lasting operational challenges in literally a few hours. Once we had the results we were able to see that the challenges boiled down to simple miscommunication about roles that had been arisen between teams. These were then easily resolved through a few open conversations.”

Mindful Chef

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Just a 5 minute survey before you have a new paradigm of organisational and people intelligence at your fingertips.


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One link for everyone that takes only 5 minutes.


Review your dashboard

Leaders get insight on their team performance and recommendations for growth.


Read personalised reports

Every single person in your business receives personalised feedback on key areas of personal development.

Our team


(The Scientist)

Orowa is a computational social scientist at UCL and leading expert in social networks, behavioural science, and AI. For 7 years, he ran a People Analytics consulting team that developed organisational network analysis techniques to solve some of the most interesting talent questions for some of the world's largest organisations. He likes people and data, in that order.


(The HR Director)

Jamie was most recently CFO and HRD at Qubit, a SaaS business that grew from 5 to over 300 employees during his time there. He helped raise and deploy capital of over $100m and he used organisational network science to help him better manage growth and build a best-in-class people strategy.


(The Technologist)

Justin is an accomplished software engineer with deep technical experience. Previously employed at Facebook and GitHub. He has rare combination of expertise in human and technological systems, with a leadership strategy that emphasizes coaching, mentoring and the detailed design of high performance teams.


(The Culture Change Expert)

Iman is an international expert, speaker and author in organisational transformation. He was formerly MD for TNT China and director of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. In his most recent role as a transformation consultant, he worked with Orowa to use networks to develop data-driven culture change programmes across Europe.

Patrick Van der Aa

(The Commercial Mobiliser)

Patrick worked for years in consumer goods at Unilever, Starbucks and FrieslandCampina in international commercial- and leadership roles. Having worked for large corporates, he knows all about organisational complexity and collaboration challenges. He was general manager in EMEA for Starbucks CPG, CCO of a business group in FrieslandCampina and founder of a D2C start-up.

Advisors & Partners

Sophie Lambin

Advisor: Equity and Inclusion

Sophie is the Founder and CEO of Kite Insights, the Editorial Partner of the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society and Curator of the New York Times Climate Hub at COP26.

Sophie has two decades of professional services and consulting experience, and is a globally recognised thought leader on gender and climate action. Prior to founding Kite Insights, Sophie was the head of Global Thought Leadership and External Affairs for PwC.


Partner: Coaching and development

Manageable is a learning and development company seeking to revolutionise the coaching industry by helping organisations transform their managers and leaders into in-house coaching talent.

​Their high-calibre programme creates peer-to-peer and mentor-led groups that help build the skills necessary to become great coaches. The Network Lab helps them deliver on their programmes by using organisational science and AI to create optimal peer-groups and coaching matches.

Amplified Group

Partner: Coaching and development

Founded by a high tech business leader, the Amplified Group believes that to thrive in today’s fast paced world, organisations need a high trust culture. Their advisers work to unite teams, break down silos and align organisations for change. Working across industry sectors with a primary focus on the High-Tech Industry.

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World-class collaboration as a measurable goal

A data-driven, human-centric approach to improve collaboration at every scale of your business


Build cross-functional collaboration

Align workflows, break down silos and solve bottlenecks


Energise teams

Design team practices to best leverage individual working styles. Create an environment of engagement, productivity and psychological safety.


Develop leaders

Provide personal development at scale with personalised, data-driven feedback on collaboration and management skills

Benefits of Cophi [keep?]

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Private and secure

The highest standards in data privacy and confidentiality

Increase innovation

Innovation comes where people feel safe, we measure psychological safety

Predict staff retention

Where are your motivators are and how do they impact others?

Improve diversity & inclusion

Energy and trust is the greatest predictors of retentions. We quantify this.

DELETE Monitor Bottlenecks

Identification of where organisational dynamics are inefficient and slow.

DELETE Merge teams

Show how two businesses or teams connect and speed up integrations.

DELETE Diversity & inclusion

Most people measure diversity only. We can tell you if your team is also inclusive.

DELETE Remote work metrics

Work styles are changing. We give you the tools to build a organisation that can respond fast.